About Me

I am a creator of visual art and maker of various artistic crafts based in Victoria, BC. I have been exploring art for most of my life and love to create and work with my hands. In my art, I am mainly drawn to mixed media and my work usually involves collage. I am currently working with acrylic paints and other water-soluble products, but I utilize ink, graphite, and permanent markers as well. I also work in oil from time to time.

Coming from an artistic family, art was something that was part of everyday life and I excelled in art in high school. My formal education was in psychology (BA) and educational measurement (MA) and my career was in the field of K-12 education. While not following an artistic pathway as my main career, I have continued to find space for my creative outlet.

I have taken both formal and informal workshops and courses from the Vancouver Island School of Art, Coast Collective, Island Blue Print, various community centres, the Pacific Northwest Art School in Coupeville, Washington, and Artistic Statement School of Fine Art in Victoria, BC. I am a member of the Studio 30 art group, the Saanich Peninsula Arts & Crafts Society, and the Cordova Bay 55+ Association art group in Victoria, BC.

Much of my art work would be described as abstract collage, but I also love to create portraits. I love to work with paper and also make cards and produce journals.

I hope you enjoy some of my work. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about my artistic creations!

This is an example of one of my portraits using collage as the background. I have enjoyed learning how to draw the female face and I continue to evolve my work here.

This is an example of an abstract collage. You can see that I am drawn to bold colours – I seem to include yellow, orange, red, and green-gold in many of my paintings and art pieces.

My fascination with the Spiral!

I have often used the spiral in my work, my sketches, and my doodles. The simplistic beauty of the design is what initially drew my attention, however as I explored this beautiful image I found there is more to this attraction!

The spiral certainly embellishes movement and organic subject matter. I am more inclined to draw organically as opposed to geometrically.

Digging deeper I realize the spiral is a symbol of life itself and has been used in the art of many ancient civilizations. If you do a web search for the spiral of life or the golden ratio or the golden spiral you will find many examples. I am fascinated by this intersection of math, life, and nature. For excellent examples of the golden ratio in nature see https://pin.it/216NzEs.

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